Pressurised Hot Water Systems

If you have a water tank in the loft and the right cold water mains pressure (approximately 20 Litres per minute), you would have more response from your hot water system if you were to opt for a pressurised unvented system. This would remove the tanks in the loft and your new cylinder could be installed anywhere – even a basement or cellar.

  • Direct stainless cylinders
  • Indirect stainless cylinders
  • Dual coil for solar cylinders
  • Stainless light heat p ump cyclinders

All the above can be installed by our fully qualified team, please remember that we can install standard cylinders, Grade A, and these would need to be tank fed.

  • Standard direct cylinder
  • Standard indirect cylinder
  • Stainless steel and copper
  • Plastic tanks
  • Bylaw 30 kits

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