Solar Energy

There are a whole range of renewable energy options that enable you to reduce your running costs and help the environment, the choice will depend on your property and we will make a no-obligation visit to any property to discuss the options most suitable for you. We cover Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

Gas solar energy

You can combine your everyday central heating system, whether it be a combi or conventional system, your solar panels can be linked with any of these systems so you can share the cost of renewable energy and natural gas.

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Solar heating

These operate by harnessing free existing energy from the sun and converting it into hot water, an environmentally sound method of reducing energy costs and lowering damaging carbon emissions. Our solar panels give high performance, are durable, aesthetically pleasing and have been designed to integrate with the rest of our product range.

The highly efficient panels are suitable for use in many systems especially providing hot water in family homes as well as offices and hotels. Although solar panels can’t run a heating system alone they can be combined with a geothermal heatpump to help provide warm water and improve the efficiency of the heatpump. Even on our cloudiest, shortest days the panels will still trap energy from daylight to assist with warm water production.