Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source pumps work on a similar principle but use air instead of the ground and are suitable in buildings where there is insufficient land or access to land for the pipes.

There are a whole range of renewable energy options that enable you to reduce your running costs and help the environment, the choice will depend on your property and we will make a no-obligation visit to any property to discuss the options most suitable for you. We install air source heat pumps and renewable energy systems across Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales from our office in Ellesmere Port.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can also install ground source heat pumps although these are generally best fitted to new developments or where there is plenty of land. In the UK the ground has a high thermal mass, at a depth of between 1.5-2 meters a temperature of between 7-10°C is available. If we run plastic pipe in the ground and circulate a water and glycol mix we can capture that heat. You can think of a heat pump as a fridge working in reverse.

For example a ground temperature of 7-8°C can result in a temperature of 35-45°C being available to the underfloor heating circuit. This is ideal for underfloor heating in a solid floor construction. We can see then that for every Kw of electricity put in to the system we can get 3.5-4 Kw out.